"The pain you feel today, is the strength you feel tomorrow"
- Emory Austin

About reDiscover Your Voice

reDiscover Your Voice was created to unite singers of all voice types and genres across Canada and then eventually across the world. Singers are musical athletes. Our instrument is in our body and made by our body. We use no other “thing” to create our musical sound. reDiscover Your Voice has created a community, a movement of support, encouragement and unification for singers. Acceptance of the voice that you have and your capabilities is incredibly key in ensuring that you maintain vocal care. When we talk about vocal care, we mean not just the health and well-being of your body and vocal cords, but also the health and well-being of your mind, emotions and spirit. Every little thing that affects you during a day affects the way you breathe, talk and sing. Singers also live in a world of competition. Whether we are professional singers or not, we are always competing. Using the platform of a Facebook group, we have created The reDiscover Your Voice Movement. We want to help break the silence, end the stigma and make it okay to talk about your vocal challenges because that will bring all singers to a better place of healing and love of their true voice. Our hope is that singers will join The Movement and use it for open communication, positive suggestions and encouragement. Our goal is to build a network of singers, ENTs, speech pathologists, voice teachers and voice coaches alike, so that if ever there is a singer who is in need of some sort of professional care, there is a place for them to go to find a solution and an answer to their question. The most important aspect is that all of us at reDiscover Your Voice want to be a friend, a mentor and a guide for someone who is suffering from vocal fatigue or a vocal cord injury.

In May, 2013, Mallory McGrath, the founder of reDiscover Your Voice, suffered from a vocal haemorrhage and it broke her. She felt alone and unsupported emotionally. She wants to be the friend she wishes she’d had to others who are in pain and are scared of what is happening to them. She truly believes that her journey to vocal health and care would have been shorter if she’d had someone to talk to about her fears to sing again. If reDiscover Your Voice can help even one person get through a terrifying time in their singing career, we will consider this adventure a success!

"Singers are musical athletes. You need to work your body, mind and soul equally to produce the best sound possible."
- Mallory McGrath

About Mallory

Mallory McGrath is a Vocal Care Mentor and the founder of reDiscover Your Voice. She is a classically trained singer with a degree from McGill University, and has studied with notable Canadian and American teachers such as Joanne Kolomyjec, Elaine Overholt, Patrick Hansen, Andrew Bryne, Amy Rogers and Ben Wright.

After suffering from a vocal cord haemorrhage in 2013, Mallory started on a journey to improve her understanding and appreciation for the healing process from vocal cord injuries and the requirement for emotional support when recovering from a vocal trauma. It is her mission to create a community of singers across North America, and hopefully the world, to support, encourage, share, and educate each other on their voices and vocal care.


Promoting proper vocal care with young singers is of the utmost importance and is something that Mallory is very passionate about. Contact Mallory if you would like to bring her in to give a talk at your university, college, high school, youth group etc. By sharing the story of her journey from vocal health to a vocal haemorrhage and back again, she hopes to inspire other singers to remove the stigma surrounding vocal cord injuries and create a community of support around each young singer as they continue on with their own personal journey of learning about what their true voice can accomplish.


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Mallory McGrath - Vocal Care Mentor