Competition and Your Self-Worth as a Singer

November 11, 2019

In This Episode

Competition is present for all singers, professional or non-professional, as we are always competing to get a role/part/gig etc. Sarah Maclachlan, the Kindness Warrior, has built a community of kindness in Ontario. She talks with us all about how to stay grounded in who you are, how to put self-care first so that you don't burn out, and how to survive in a competitive industry constantly judging the very essence of you.

Sarah is all about being in the service of others, showing love & support to your community and making sure you don’t burn out. She advocates for women and female entrepreneurs and encourages them to be sure to make time for themselves in order to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Although she is not a singer, she has many friends in the arts industry and has watched as her friends have given too much of themselves to this tireless industry of auditions, competition and constant criticism. Be sure to take notes on this one folks and learn all you can about great ways to stay grounded, support yourself & your voice, and be the most well-rounded version of a singer you can be!

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The Kindness Warrior

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