EFT Tapping

November 4, 2019

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Welcome to Episode 01 of Nourish Your Voice! So many singers suffer from performance anxiety. It impacts the way that we breathe, sing and perform. What if there was a simple, effective and subtle way to conquer that anxiety? Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) is a tool that all singers should be utilizing to help with nerves before a performance, vocal cord issues and much more. Cathy Pavlik (of Cathy Pavlik Coaching) is an emotional success coach who is currently completing her doctorate in the effects of EFT Tapping for performance anxiety in singers. In this episode, Cathy and Mallory talk about her work, her journey as a singer and provide you with a demonstration of how simple and effective a tool EFT tapping can be for singers. The best way to learn all about EFT Tapping is by working with a qualified practitioner to ensure progress and to target your specific issue. Whether you suffer from performance anxiety or injury recovery, healing both physically and mentally, can take time. By working with a qualified practitioner, you can learn and utilize a great tool to help you in your healing process.

**Reminder that Episodes 01-05 were recorded as video files when we thought that this interview series would be shared on YouTube. At one point you will hear Cathy and Mallory doing a demonstration of EFT tapping. Head on over to our Facebook page in order to see that portion of the video, so you can learn how to do EFT tapping yourself.

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Cathy Pavlik

Cathy Pavlik

We encourage you to reach out to Cathy at her contact info below, to learn more about this amazing tool for performance anxiety and stress release.

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