Motherhood and Singing

November 25, 2019

In This Episode

Being a professional singer takes so much physical & mental energy. You have to search for auditions, prepare material, find time to warm up in the wee hours of the morning, buy clothing that makes you look a certain way for a certain part you want, practice, practice, then practice some more, all the while staying as healthy as possible. Now take all of that and add two kids into the mix. So many professional singers are finding a way to incorporate their livelihood of singing with having a family. Canadian soprano, Jacqueline Woodley, is doing just that AND her husband, Julien Patenaude, is a professional singer as well. How do they do it all?

Learn all about Jacqueline’s journey as a singer and a mother and how she manages to take care of herself, her voice, support her husband’s career, all the while not losing sight of her own, and also be an exceptional parent to her two beautiful children.

**Reminder that Episodes 01-05 were recorded as video files when we thought that this interview series would be shared on YouTube. Near the end of this episode Jen will perform a brief sound bath for us all. Head on over to our Facebook page in order to see that portion of the video, and get interested in this amazing, healing creation of sound!

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