Music Therapy for All

December 9, 2019

In This Episode

Erin Clark, Registered Psychotherapist (RP), Credentialed Music Therapist, Music Therapist Accredited (MTA), uses her singing voice 8 hours a day and then comes home at night and parents two joyful & rambunctious boys. How does she keep her own vocal health in tip top shape?

Erin Clark is the owner and operator of Durham Music Therapy. Erin has been working as an accredited Music Therapist since June 2007 and as a Registered Psychotherapist since June 2017. Erin is a singer/songwriter who also plays guitar, dabbles in Reiki and composes meditation music. Erin has held many volunteer roles for the Canadian Association for Music Therapists, most recently as the team lead for the National Mental Health Task Force. Erin is an official "in house" workshop facilitator for the Ontario Music Therapy Academy. Erin specializes in working with individuals with special needs, those experiencing mental health issues and individuals with acquired brain injuries.

Erin & Mallory get to talking about music therapy, the techniques involved, the benefits and more. Erin emphasizes how important it is to reduce your stress and take care of yourself in order to ensure that your voice & body in the best possible condition.

**Thanks for your patience with the first 5 episodes being recorded originally as video files. This is our first one that was recorded as a podcast and we are excited for many more to come!

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Erin Clark

Erin Clark