Performance & Recovery

January 6, 2020

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Sylvie Tetrault is a Nutrition and Strength Coach, co-host of the podcast @championshiplifestyle, and creator of the Inner Athlete Coaching Program and the Her Strength Development Series. Sylvie’s philosophy centers on helping clients find their Inner Athlete through hands-on strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Sylvie has worked with professional athletes across several sports, (NHL, NFL,UFC, WBNA, Olympians, Ironman etc.) and high performers of all kinds.


Sylvie believes in 3 principles of recovery for any type of performance (that means you, singers!!):

1.    Sleep - quality and quantity

2.    Nutrition - this is something we can control

3.    Lifestyle factors - what we do in-between our performances - journaling, meditation, mindset etc. therapeutic modalities


As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sylvie is passionate about her clients finding a way to incorporate movement into their lives in away that they love to do. Movement decreases stress, helps reduce illness, and is a truly personal experience for each person. What do you love to do to move your body?

My Guest

Sylvie Tetraul

Sylvie Tetraul