Sound Bowl Therapy

November 18, 2019

In This Episode

The use of Eastern medicinal practices is becoming more and more common in the Western world. As the demands on singers become more exhaustive and prevalent, we need to continue our journey to find different and new ways to promote all around vocal care and vocal wellbeing.

The use of sound bowl therapy is an excellent tool that all singers should give a try. Reach out to Jen Lang to learn more, book a session with her or ask her for a recommendation of another sound bowl expert in your area.

Jen also touches on another area that she is passionate about called Voice Activation. Her focus is with womxn who are entrepreneurs, public speakers, fitness instructors, seminar leaders etc.

She advocates a music and body-centred approach to getting a stronger connection to one’s voice. As singers, we are taught how to use our voice for singing, but we are not taught how to use our voice for speaking.

**Reminder that Episodes 01-05 were recorded as video files when we thought that this interview series would be shared on YouTube. Near the end of this episode Jen will perform a brief sound bath for us all. Head on over to our Facebook page in order to see that portion of the video, and get interested in this amazing, healing creation of sound!

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