"The only thing better than singing is more singing"
- Ella Fitzgerald

The Movement

As singers we don’t like to talk about vocal challenges. We’ve earned the reputation of having big egos and being divas. Maybe it’s because it’s such a competitive world we all live in. We don’t like to admit that we are ever struggling with doing something that we have invested so much of ourselves into perfecting.

Singers have support for all areas of physical care, but what we are lacking is emotional and mental support as we navigate our way through the incredibly personal art of using our voice to create music. When things are challenging, you need your tribe. It is time to be there for one another and talk openly about vocal health, challenges, fears and more. It’s time to band together as singers of all genres, from all areas of the world, to create a community of support, encouragement and understanding.

The reDiscover Your Voice Movement is working to create a community for singers to come together to express their thoughts and feelings about their craft without the risk of judgment and shaming. Positive encouragement, kind words, and camaraderie in the face of a difficult time is what we are all about. Let’s make a change! Let’s unify our forces and enjoy supporting and sharing with other singers who create such beauty, just as we do.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your voice? Like it doesn’t work the way it used to or that it takes a new kind of effort to make the sounds you are familiar with making? Did you ever have an unexplained “stage fright” suddenly in the MIDDLE of your professional career? Share your story with us and let’s break the stigma and promote vocal health & care!